Lemon Fresh changes lives

There aren’t many industries where you can go from startup to six-figures* in just one year. Taking the squeeze to own a cleaning franchise means being on your way to financial freedom, a college fund for your kids, a caring team of well-paid employees, and providing an important service in your community. With time, it can also become passive income for your family. Whether you’ve cleaned professionally for years or this is the first time, we have the tools, training, and systems to help you on your new journey. We look forward to partnering with you.

Cleaning Franchise | Own a Cleaning Business


With us, you'll get...

We won’t sugarcoat it – this is hard work. Sometimes, it’s less sweet and more sour. That’s where we come in. We’ll teach you better ways to clean, quote, invoice, and everything in between. Most of all, we’re here for you when things go wrong.

Trusted Partnership

We’re confident in helping you succeed. While you care for your customers and build your team, we’re here in the background ensuring your brand and operations stand out.

*These numbers are projections based on past revenues and are subject to change, pending FDD approval.

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Proven Brand

backed by promotional materials and award-winning advertising.

Training & Support

in everything from cleaning to hiring assistance and admin.

Our Resources

including booking software, legal, and insurance.

Cleaning Franchise | Own a Cleaning Business


You're the boss

Build a life-changing business for yourself, but never by yourself. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a heart for helping people, you might be the perfect fit for a Lemon Fresh Cleaners franchise. At the end of the day, it’s your business and you call all the shots. We’ll be here every step of the way to provide support, resources, and consulting.


Incredible service

There are a few things that really matter to us which apply across the brand. One is using all-natural products, all the time. We also need everyone on our team to truly have a heart for helping people. This means overdelivering where we can (those extra special little touches) and giving back to our communities whenever possible.

Cleaning Franchise | Own a Cleaning Business
Cleaning Franchise | Own a Cleaning Business


All-natural, always

We promise a natural, non-toxic cleaning experience that is gentle yet effective. We’ve researched and tested until we found what works best. Our products act quickly and are safer for you, your team, your customers, and the places you’ll clean. Clients love them! Best of all, they’re cheap – as low as $0.02 per ounce – with minimal prep needed.


Go further, faster

Let’s build, babe. Imagine hiring your first Cleaning Professional. Then your sixteenth… an Operations Supervisor, Quality Control Officer, Admin Assistant. We’ve helped others do it before. Let’s do it for you.

Cleaning Franchise | Own a Cleaning Business

Let's Get Started

Our first step is a video call where we can touch base on strategy, onboarding, and pricing. We’ll also answer any questions you have. If we’re a great fit for each other, we’ll then do a market analysis of your area, get the legalities together, and start advertising in your area – woot, woot!


Next Steps with Lemon Fresh Cleaners

We’ll help you make a great first impression, wow clients with your service, and build a beautiful business you’ll be proud of. You’ll get our personal mentoring and weekly check-in meetings, along with analytics and reporting so you can see what’s working. You provide the elbow grease; we’ll give you the tools to succeed. Here’s a taste of what you can expect from your partnership with Lemon Fresh Cleaners.


Logo, Identity, Business Cards

Gmail (example@lemonfresh.us)

Business Phone Number

Print & Promotional Pieces: Thank You Cards, Door Hangers, etc.

Uniform Design & Ordering

Google Listing, Facebook Page, Digital Ads & Placements

Digital Gift Cards

Radio Ads

Internal Marketing Team


Cleaning Efficiency Training

Product Recommendations & Training

Quoting & Strategy

Customer Correspondence Templates

Internal Booking Software

Online Booking

Ongoing Education & Personal Development

Text & Email Reminders (Team & Client)

Cleaning Checklists & Packing Lists


Advanced Ongoing Support

Hiring Assistance

Employee Background Checks

Employee NDA's and Non-Compete Agreements

Taxes, Legal & Insurance Support

Payroll Training

Employee Handbook

Analytics & Reporting

No "Big Brother" (we're here as a resource for YOUR company)

Ready to go steady? Want to learn more? Email us at office@lemonfresh.us or leave us your details below to schedule an initial chat.

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