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We promise a higher standard of cleaning and a team of reliable cleaners. We know exactly what guests and owners want to see when they step foot in a vacation rental. As a sister company to Trailhound Cabin Co., we’re experts on vacation rental and Airbnb cleaning. Our focus is hiring the best people and then implementing training, cleaning, and maintenance systems. As a result, our vacation homes are cleaned spotlessly each time, our owners see better reviews, and our cleaners love what they do. 

If you’ve been cleaning your vacation home rental or are considering making a switch, we make it easy. Our services are designed to remove the cleaning hassle so you can focus on other important aspects of managing your property.


Our Vacation Rental Cleaning Service

Flexible scheduling
✔ Restocking
✔ Guest services upon request

✔ Onsite or offsite laundry
✔ Deep cleaning available
✔ Natural products available

✔ Staging expertise
✔ Partner referrals
✔ Friendly & easy to work with

We understand the challenge of finding a reliable cleaner for your vacation rental. That’s why Lemon Fresh Cleaners was founded. With our services, you invest in a dependable vacation rental cleaning team that maintains your property to the highest standards, year after year. We’re easy to work with, and you’ll love the results. Let us keep your Airbnb or vacation rental property in perfect order for every guest.

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What clients say

"They are go getters, pay attention to details, and communicate with us exceptionally well. Give them an interview! You will be impressed as we were."

- Marilyn