Laundry Day Tips

Natural Laundry Day Tips (in Half the Time)

When you clean on a large scale, you pick up a few tricks to bring back to your own home. If our Airbnb’s have taught us anything, it’s mastering a natural laundry day!

Use the quick wash cycle (saves 20 – 45 minutes / load)

Most laundry isn’t meant for the long, intense wash cycles. Unless your clothes are extremely soiled, a shorter wash setting does the trick, saving time, water, and energy. Actually, it’s better for your clothes too, extending their life span. However, be sure you don’t crowd the machine.

Air dry towels (saves 30 – 60 minutes)

We recommend starting your natural laundry day with a load of towels. After washing, you can pop them in the dryer while the washing machine runs the next load of laundry. Then, instead of waiting on the dryer, move the towels out to the deck or a laundry line to finish. On a day like today, they’ll be done drying before your last load of laundry finishes. This isn’t just faster but also keeps your towels fluffy and absorbent longer. (Actually, we’ve done around 1,900 Airbnb cleaning turnovers to date and use this method every time!)

Clean your lint trap (saves a few minutes / load)

Always clean the lint trap before starting a new load in the dryer. This improves airflow, enhances drying efficiency, and saves a little bit of time. Plus, it’s a crucial step for preventing dryer fires.

Permanent press cycle (save 5 minutes / item)

Most of us are creatures of habit – we find a laundry setting we like and stick with it. However, the Permanent Press Cycle has a medium heat and a cool down period designed to help with creases, so there’s no ironing needed. Plus, it prevents fabrics from shrinking.

Take them out 10 minutes early (saves 5 minutes / item)

Another tip to prevent creases, taking items out of the dryer while they’re still slightly damp can help you skip ironing and also prevents fabric damage from over-drying. Be sure to give the items a good shake and hang them up right away, or set them out to air dry the rest of the way. However, be sure not to fold them until they’re fully dry.

Use wool dryer balls (saves 10 minutes / load)

If you haven’t tried them, these really work! While dryer sheets contain skin-irritating fragrances, wool dryer balls are a better natural laundry day choice. Plus, they offer better air circulation and faster drying times while keeping linens soft and fluffy.

Use less detergent (saves a few minutes on your natural laundry day)

You know when towels feel hard, matted, and non-absorbent? Most of us are using too much detergent. When that happens, your machine isn’t able to rinse all it out, leaving the fabrics feeling unpleasant. Plus, they’ll take forever to fully try. Try using the minimum suggested amount or slightly less.

Whether you love laundry day or would rather do anything else, let us know what you think of our tips! Don’t forget – we’re always here as a resource and laundry add on is popular for our home cleaning service. Thanks for reading!

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