Get the Most from Your Cleaning Service

Get the Most from Your Cleaning Service

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Having a professional cleaning service is a great idea for anyone or who wants to make their life a little easier. There’s nothing like coming home to a clean house at the end of a long day! Congratulations on taking the first step toward the peace that comes with a clean home while also having time for the things in life that really matter. While there’s no need to clean before the cleaners, there are a few things you can do to maximize the experience. Here’s how you can prepare for your first cleaning visit.

Let us know any specific requests.

Is there an area in your home you’d like special attention? It’s your appointment and we want to clean the way you want us to clean! Believe it or not, everyone we meet has different preferences. Feel free to send us those details in advance so we can plan our time accordingly and share the information throughout our team. After the clean, you’re also encouraged to tell us if there are areas we should focus on at the next visit.

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Consider tidying personal items.

We’re here to be a resource and we don’t ask for a thing before we arrive. However, if you’d like to spend 10-15 minutes picking up before our visit, you’ll get a deeper, sparkling clean because we can be more efficient with where we allocate our time. Cluttered countertops do slow us down as we’ll pick up each item, dust it, set it out of the way, clean the countertop, then put each item back where we found it, all while being careful not to break it. That’s a lot of extra steps and time that could be spent somewhere you can really see and feel.

If you’d like, you can help by putting items in their homes, including kids toys, setting clutter in a laundry basket or on a bed, and putting clean dishes away to clear the counters so we aren’t working around them. Short on time? We completely understand and never mind working around things! It’s really about making your cleaning service serve you best.

Please put away valuables.

We ask that you put away any valuables you couldn’t bear to lose, for your sake and ours. While each of our cleaners is thoroughly vetted and background checked, and we trust them fully, accidents happen and we’d hate to ever be responsible. It’s in everyone’s best interest for you to lock up expensive jewelry, valuables, or keepsakes. Please be especially carefully with dental retainers, cash, or small jewelry that could accidentally be vacuumed up.

Request add on’s in advance.

We offer a handful of additional services to lighten the load. We’re happy to help with washing and folding laundry, dishes, oven cleaning, deep cleaning, and even organizational services! Basically anything a nanny would do, minus the kids. Just contact us, preferably within 48 hours of your clean, so we can allocate extra time and send extra cleaning professionals if needed. (We’ll take on any last minute requests, if we can, so don’t be shy to ask!)

Know what to expect.

We’re committed to natural products for the health and safety of your family, as well as ours. For the same reason, we take precaution to keep our cleaning professionals out of harms way. We won’t clean any bodily fluids, including pet litter or messes. We also steer clear of step ladders but we have 8′ extendable dusters that we’ll use instead. Lastly, we won’t move your furniture but we’ll clean around and under it as well as we can. This includes printers and computers.

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Our cancellation policy is a full refund 48 hours in advance of service, excluding weekends.

Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your Lemon Fresh Cleaners service the absolute “zest!” We’re here to make life sweeter.

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