Katlin Knutson: The Visionary Behind Lemon Fresh Cleaners in Salt Lake City

Katlin Knutson: The Visionary Behind Lemon Fresh Cleaners in Salt Lake City

Katlin Knutson, the dynamic founder of Lemon Fresh Cleaners in Salt Lake City, Utah, has established a natural, non-toxic cleaning company with a perfect 5-star review history. Her passion for transforming spaces, decluttering, and giving families more quality time together is at the core of her business.

A Commitment to Natural, Non-Toxic Cleaning

Lemon Fresh Cleaners is dedicated to using only natural, non-toxic cleaning products. Katlin’s commitment to health and sustainability ensures that your home is spotless and safe from harmful chemicals. This dedication to eco-friendly practices sets Lemon Fresh Cleaners apart in the industry.

A Strong Foundation in Business Economics

Katlin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from South Dakota State University. She applies her academic background to her business, ensuring efficient operations and strategic growth. Her business knowledge is a significant factor in Lemon Fresh Cleaners’ success and impeccable reputation.

Passionate About Giving Back

Giving back to local causes in Salt Lake City is a vital part of Katlin’s mission. When you choose Lemon Fresh Cleaners, you’re investing in a cleaner home and contributing to a cleaner and more vibrant community. Katlin’s efforts to support local initiatives reflect her deep commitment to making a positive impact.

Balancing Work and Personal Life

In her free time, Katlin enjoys exploring the great outdoors, skiing, and climbing with her partner, Austin, a Thoracic Physician Assistant at Intermountain Medical Center (IMC). This adventurous spirit helps her maintain a healthy work-life balance, bringing energy and enthusiasm to her professional and personal life.

Supporting Sustainability and Local Initiatives

Katlin has a heart for sustainability and actively promotes eco-friendly practices in her business and personal life. She has been a missionary in Choluteca, Honduras, demonstrating her commitment to global and local causes.

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