Savannah Meikamp and Madison Toth: The Dynamic Duo Behind Lemon Fresh Cleaners in Sioux Falls

Savannah Meikamp and Madison Toth: The Dynamic Duo Behind Lemon Fresh Cleaners in Sioux Falls

Savannah Meikamp and Madison Toth, the inspiring owners of Lemon Fresh Cleaners in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, have turned their childhood dreams into a thriving business. With extensive cleaning experience and a shared passion for natural, non-toxic products, they provide exceptional cleaning services that families can trust.

Savannah’s Journey in the Cleaning Industry

Savannah’s first job in high school was cleaning professionally. She fell in love with the tangible difference she could make in a few short hours, finding the art of transforming spaces deeply satisfying and therapeutic. She’s excited to bring Lemon Fresh Cleaners to Sioux Falls, offering a sweet twist on cleaning that emphasizes health and quality.

Madison’s Expertise in Cleaning and Business

Madison grew up in her parents’ commercial cleaning business, gaining valuable experience in window, office, and floor cleaning. She has successfully started two companies and excels in outstanding customer service. Madison is thrilled to offer Lemon Fresh Cleaners to Sioux Falls, providing a reliable cleaning service that families can feel good about.

A Commitment to Natural, Non-Toxic Cleaning

At Lemon Fresh Cleaners, Savannah and Madison prioritize using natural, non-toxic cleaning products. This commitment ensures families can breathe easily and enjoy healthier living environments. Their focus on quality and client satisfaction is backed by a 24-hour guarantee, demonstrating their dedication to excellence.

Balancing Work and Personal Passions

When Savannah isn’t working, she enjoys staying active at the gym, relaxing in the sauna, and conducting free home Bible studies with women in Sioux Falls. She cherishes time with her husband, Luke, and their three adorable boys – River, Miles, and Oleander – along with their golden retriever, John Boy. In her “free time,” Savannah also runs a thriving photography business.

Madison loves traveling, finding flight deals, cooking new recipes, and spending time with friends. She met her husband in 2020, and they recently welcomed their first child. Madison’s commitment to natural cleaning products is part of her dedication to providing a safe and healthy environment for her family and clients.

Turning Childhood Dreams into Reality

Savannah and Madison started dreaming up their cleaning company venture at 12, complete with tee-shirt uniforms. Today, they are thrilled to bring that dream to life, offering a luxury cleaning service in Sioux Falls. Their journey from childhood friends to successful business owners is a testament to their hard work and dedication.

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